ISCP Conferences

History of the ISCP Conferences 


The 21st International Conference of the International Society for Chinese Philosophy (ISCP): “Reality, Argumentation, and Persuasion: Metaphysical Explorations and Epistemological Engagements in Chinese Philosophy.” (Host Organization Website) July 2nd to July 5th, 2019.  University of Berne, Institute of Philosophy, Switzerland [President: Richard King; Organizers: Richard King & JeeLoo Liu]

The 20th ISCP Conference (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2017): Chinese Philosophy in a Multicultural World [President and Organizer: Chenyang Li]

The 19th ISCP Conference (Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 2015): Chinese Philosophy in the Contemporary World ( [President and Organizer: Kwong-Loi Shun]

The 18th ISCP Conference (SUNY Buffalo, NY 2013): Chinese philosophy and the Way of Living[President and Organizer: Jiyuan Yu]

The 17th ISCP Conference (EHESS, Paris, France 2011): Inter-Culturalism and Philosophical Discourse: Retrospect and Prospect [President and Organizer: Yolaine Escande]

The 16th ISCP Conference (Fujen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan 2009): Towards the World: Philosophical Dialogue and Culture Conversation [President: Barnard Li; Local Organizer: Pan Xiaohui]

The 15th ISCP Conference (Wuhan University, Wuhan, China, 2007): Dialogue between Chinese Philosophy and Global Civilization in the 21st Century [President and Organizer: Qiyong Guo]

The 14th ISCP Conference (Sydney, Australia, 2005): Chinese Philosophy and Human Development in the 21st Century [President and Organizer: Karyn Lai]

The 13th ISCP Conference (Vasteras, Sweden, 2003). [President and Organizer: Torbjorn Loden]

The 12th ISCP Conference (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China, 2001): [President and Organizer: Fang Keli]

The 11th ISCP Conference (National Chengchih University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999) [President and Organizer: Vincent Shen]

The 10th ISCP Conference (Dongguk University, 1997) [President and Organizer: Song Suk-ku]

The 9th ISCP Conference (Boston University, 1994) [President and Organizer: Robert C. Neville]

The 8th ISCP Conference (Peking University, China, 1993) [Chair of the Local Committee: Chen Lai; President: Tang Yijie]

The 7th ISCP Conference (Munich, Germany, 1990) [President and Organizer: Wolfgang Bauer]

The 6th ISCP Conference (University of Hawaii at Hilo, 1989) [Chair of the Local Committee: John Hsueh-li Cheng]

The 5th ISCP Conference (UC San Diego, 1987) [Chair of the Local Committee: Sandra Wawrykto, President: Lik-kuen Tong]

The 4th ISCP Conference (SUNY Stony Brook, NY, 1985): [Chair of the Local Committee: Walter Watson, President: Antonio Cua]

The 3rd ISCP Conference (University of Toronto, Canada): [Chair of the Local Committee: Julia Ching]

The 2nd ISCP Conference (College of Charleston, South Carolina, 1980): [Chair of the Local Committee: Chung-yue Chang ]

The 1st ISCP Conference (Fairfield University, CT, 1978). [Chair of the Local Committee: Lik-kuen Tong]

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